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The World Is Your$ (V1)




About the track.


The track is a love ballad with its roots based in Rnb, yet has a very old school hip approach to its flow and lyrics.


Here 11 talks about his conflicted lifestyle and the decisions he made along the way that left him wanting more. 


ASA on the other hand self reflects and talks about all the jaded times while recounting the countless memories. 


Yet the Song is progressive in its lyrics keeping in mind the undertone of success and self-development. 

Looking into these hollow expectations of society and how they affected the decisions they made.


11 takes this concept further in the context of artists and how they fake it till they make it.

This seems to be the mantra that most around him are following. Fake streams, fake followers, and how this makes him want to guard clean. 


Asa then went on to talk about how various people lost a lot during the pandemic,  building onto this with the online mode of communication and how that affected individuals and relationships an idea to which 11 ties a sweet knot and says that everyone thinks that they know better but in the end, no one knows any better than oneself to what is their truth and what needs to be the next move.  


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The World Is Your$ (V1) Tee

  • Limited Drop of only 50 pieces.

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