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Thatindecentgenre and TIG. Prod, an independent creative house, focuses on curating and transforming the entertainment landscape of Music, Art aesthetics, and Film Video. The goal is to foster a community of like-minded people in the creative arts and put forward ideas that help shape or bring attention to lived experiences be it social, political, or cultural. 


Our creative team centers on 3 major divisions: 



Creative House, The Overarching Entity that curates Music, Art, Film, and Fashion.


TIG. Prod

Record Label plays a pivotal role in holding the community together, to produce Rock/Alt and Hip/Hop sounds within its 2 subdivisions.



The contemporary art practice deals with oil & acrylic painting styles and photographic art adapting them to street-wear fashion.


Parallel we develop visuals for music videos, documentaries, and feature films.

Indecentware Utility Collection

Indecentware Utility Collection

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Sexual Meditation

Debut Rap Single




War(live)- AKS

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Sexual Meditation-AKS
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